How to Get a Title Insurance License

By Robert Howe
eHow Presenter

Getting your title insurance license is going to require you to follow a series of basic, easy to manage steps. Get a title insurance license with help from an expert attorney in the real estate industry in this free video clip.

Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Robert Howe. I'm an attorney with the law firm of Robert Howe, PC here in Brooklyn, New York. Right now we're going to talk about how a person can obtain a license to sell title insurance. All types of insurance are regulated by the state so I would recommend that each person out there contact their respective state's licensing agency to determine what the requirements are. Generally the requirements could be a background check, an educational check, passing examination and also have a criminal background check. The next step would be to take the state's licensing exam, hopefully pass it and then go on for the various credit checks, background checks and criminal background checks. Once you pass all those requirements, you should contact any insurance company that's doing business in your state with regard to title insurance, contact them and ask them whether or not you could be an agent for them. I'm Robert Howe, an attorney at the law firm of Robert Howe, PC here in Brooklyn, New York and you can visit us online at, and we just got finished talking about how to obtain a license to sell title insurance. Thank you.


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