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Complex title saga still plagues lot in east Aspen

More than three years after purchasing a lot in Aspen’s east end, Nina Zale decided to vent her frustrations over not being able to build on it with a banner reading, “Please let us build our home!”

The banner is prominently mounted on the lot’s original retaining wall, made of railroad ties and stone, on the back of Nina and her husband Milton’s 6,000-square-foot-lot on the south end of Park Avenue.

A protracted lawsuit against the Zales, by neighbors on Midland Avenue, a series of legal settlements by previous owners, and a mystery surrounding missing information in the Zales’ title when they bought the lot, have kept them from building the home they plan to retire in.

The Midland neighbors, Colleen Grosz and Tim and Marjorie Rodell, say they’re just trying to enforce restrictions placed on the Promontory Subdivision, which was developed by Fritz Benedict in the 1950s. And they say that the Zales’ planned home would violate multiple restrictions designed to protect neighbors’ views and…