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Title Insurance Company Comes to The Aid of Consumers By Cutting Rates 35 procent

Consumers Can Now Purchase Title Insurance Directly at Saving 35 Percent While Monitoring Their Real Estate Closing Process

Within the last year, credit has tightened and mortgage rates have increased. Consumers buying a home or refinancing are trying to figure out new ways to save money. Even though title insurance is only one part of the real estate closing process, its cost is considerable. has launched a new concept which gives consumers, for the first time, the ability to purchase title insurance directly and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.Over the last two years, Americans spent over $30 billion on title insurance when they bought, sold, or refinanced their homes.1 Many do not understand exactly how the closing process works and know even less about title insurance. Consumers just rely on their agent, broker, or lawyer to handle everything for them. Many government regulators have openly criticized both the high cost consumers pay f…