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God Bless America And Title Insurance

The easy part is God Bless America. Each time I hear that phrase I think of my experience of going into East Berlin through barricaded "Checkpoint Charley". We were on a tour setup by our hotel manager. The Communists wanted to show some Americans how they had built up parts of East Berlin. As we entered the communist side our bus was boarded by the military. They took our passports and wallets and counted our money. Upon returning our wallets we were informed if we didn't return with all of our money we wouldn't be allowed to re-enter West Berlin. We assumed they were afraid we would give money to locals that they would use to buy their way out. Wow! I wanted the tour to go back to the West side right then.With that said, how so on God Bless Title Insurance. From previous posts on this blog I have seen some not so loving statements regarding title insurance. However, I can cite several home owners now are very happy they have title insurance. From speaking with the …