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Diamond to manage state title insurance offices

Richard Diamond of Brookline has been promoted to Massachusetts manager of First American Title Insurance Company. He will oversee the day-to-day operations of First American’s state offices, which provide services to attorney agents, lenders and real estate brokers in the commonwealth.Diamond joined First American in 1988. He has held numerous positions, most recently as vice president and regional information technology director for the Northeast Division since 1998.He is a member of the National Title Standardization Committee, the American Land Title Association, Title Technology Committee and the East Coast Title Technology Group for First American Title. He is a periodic guest lecturer for Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education in Boston, and a member of the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education Technology Committee.Diamond currently serves on the Executive Board of Massachusetts Title, the oldest title insurance company in the United States. He speaks regularly throughout …

Making Sure Your Art Is Yours

For collectors, buying title insurance can offer peace of mind or a full settlement if it turns out their artwork has a murky pastby Tatyana Gershkovich
On May 8 the champagne was flowing at the Manhattan galleries of Bonham's auction house in anticipation of the upcoming spring sales. The mood was confident, as both buyers and sellers anticipated a successful season. While many of the guests were members of long standing in the close-knit art world, there were also some newcomers, and it's not quite clear how welcome some of them will be. "Here come the ARIS people!" is how Lawrence Shindell says he and his team were greeted when they arrived. Unlike most of the other attendees, Shindell deals not in art, but in insurance. The former lawyer is chairman and CEO of ARIS Title, which he founded in 2000 with Judith Pearson, his sister, who has an extensive insurance background. Based in Manhattan, ARIS offers a new product called "art title insurance," which …

Ask the mortgage specialist: What the heck is title insurance?

By Kristin Abouelata, STYLE Home Loan Specialist.Just what exactly is title insurance? It's on your list of mortgage charges, but why do you really have to have it? So, you're sitting across from your mortgage lender going over all the charges for your mortgage. It seems like there are countless charges for this (document preparation) and that (MERS assignment fee - what the heck is MERS again?). But, none of these little charges are that big. But, whoa, wait a minute! What's that on line 1108? Title insurance? Do you really need it since you're putting 20% down on the property? Is that a double charge for the insurance you're getting in case your house burns down? What exactly does it do for you? Truth be told, title insurance as required by the lender doesn't do a whole lot for you as a borrower. But it does a heck of a lot for the lender. Title insurance protects from loss against problems arising from problems with the title. If you are being lent money to b…