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First American Title Insurance Company Announced Today The Retirement Of James M. Orphanides

First American Title Insurance Company announced today the retirement of James M. Orphanides as chairman, CEO and president of its subsidiary, First American Title Insurance Company of New York, effective December 31, 2007. Orphanides, who joined First American in 1992, will continue to work for the New York subsidiary under a consulting agreement and also will serve as the company's chairman emeritus. Orphanides has had a profound influence on the title industry during his 35-year tenure. After entering the industry in 1972, Orphanides gained extensive experience over the next 10 years working in national sales and marketing positions with two large national title insurers. In 1982, he became a principal with Preferred Land Title Services Inc., which was later acquired by First American in 1992. Upon joining First American and being named executive vice president and director, Orphanides went on to help lead First American to a leading market share position in New York. In recogni…

Chicago Title Insurance Tips

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If you plan to buy a Chicago property, the sooner you learn about title insurance, the better. For many first time Chicago real estate buyers, the first time they hear about title insurance at the closing of their Chicago property. This article presents the basics of title insurance for protecting your new Chicago real estate acquisition.What is Chicago Properties Title Insurance?When you buy a new car, do you insure your car? Of course! When you apply for car insurance, does the agent ask to see your title? Of course! That’s the basic idea behind Chicago Properties title insurance - to protect your Chicago real estate investment. The mortgage lender requires proof you own the Chicago property and no one else has a lien on your property. The chances or securing a Chicago real estate mortgage without title insurance are like the Chicago Cubs winning the pennant this year –only better!Title Insurance - NOT Casualty InsuranceCasualty Insurance suc…

Title Insurance Agent In Pennsylvania

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PLTA Presents Ronald Froggatt Award to PA Representative Glen Grell
During a visit to Harrisburg last week, a delegation from the Pennsylvania Land Title Association (PLTA) presented the association’s Ronald Froggatt Award to Representative Glen Grell. Grell, who represents Pennsylvania’s 87th District (Cumberland County) in the State Assembly, is the first recipient of the award, which recognizes him as a “Friend of the Title Industry.”

As an attorney and licensed title insurance agent in Pennsylvania, Representative Grell came to understand the value of title insurance in the real estate transaction process, and the importance of our industry to homebuyers, who need efficient closings for the sale and purchase of real estate and secure ownership of homes in Pennsylvania. Grell sponsored the state’s Mechanics Lien statute and shepherded it through passage across several years. When recent changes were mad…

Title Insurance For Limited Liability Company Transactions

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by John C. MurrayIntroduction

The principal purposes of limited liability company ('LLC") formation are to obtain favorable tax benefits, create and maintain contractual flexibility (including the freedom of members to contract among themselves with respect to financial aspects of the LLC and the management and standards governing the internal affairs of the LLC such as the establishment of classes of members, voting, and procedures for holding meetings or considering matters without a meeting), and shield a member's personal assets from claims of outsiders and other members.

All fifty states, as well as the District of Columbia, have adopted LLC statutes. Wyoming, which enacted the first LLC statute in 1977, did so primarily at the request of the large mining businesses located in the state. Many states have revised and updated their LLC legislation in the past few years. In general, these recently enacted statutory revisions affect the organization …