Basics of Title Insurance

Buying a home is a long process that requires a lot of different things to all come together at one time.

Once you have gotten past one hurdle, you find that there is something else you have forgotten to do or think about in your home buying transaction.

One thing that is commonly cast to the side is the title insurance. When you line up your mortgage and financing, the lender will probably assign a title company to your home, but that doesn’t mean you should just stop there and forget about it all together.

It is important that you research the title company and understand the title process before you proceed so you do not run into problems down the road.

This can save you a lot of time, energy and stress in the long run. A recent article by Bobbie Sage of, “What you need to know about your title insurance company,” discusses some important things that every homeowner should know about title insurance and the company you are working with.

So for all of you out there who are buying a home but do not exactly know what title insurance is, we will explain that first. “Purchasing your home is an important decision. But how does one know that the property they purchased has a clear title? Because unknown problems can be hidden in the history of a property's title, homeowners pay a title insurance company for title insurance.” “Title insurance companies provide title insurance. Title insurance is an insurance policy that guarantees the property title is free from the problems of hidden liens and claims.”

The main job of a title insurance company is to make sure that the title on your home is free and clear, or at least tell you if it isn’t. In most cases, there will be no trouble, but in some instances there will be things found on a title that could cause a lot of problems and trouble for a new homeowner if they aren’t taken care of in advance. “Possible hidden title problems your title insurance company may find can include: Errors or omissions in deeds, Mistakes in examining records, Forgery, Undisclosed heirs, Liens for unpaid taxes and Liens by contractors. Title insurance pays for title companies to search for problems in a property's title by examining public records.”

Although a title insurance company will most likely be initially provided for you, you definitely do not have to go with this company.

You should shop around and see which title insurance will offer the services you need at the best cost. After all, you are already paying a lot of money just to buy a house, so it is helpful to save money whenever possible.

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