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Cybersoft Selects Technology Partner for Title Insurance Outsourcing Market

SAN FRANCISCO, March 18, 2009 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ ----Cybersoft, Inc., an established Business Process Outsourcing ("BPO") provider to many strategic industries, announced today that it has selected CentRealTech, Inc. as its technology partner to provide Cybersoft with a significant advantage in their Best Shore Methodology for outsourcing to the Title Insurance Industry. Cybersoft is using the One Click System from CentRealTech as the key technology component to their onshore/offshore title production offering. Cybersoft has also taken advantage of the deep title industry experience provided by CentRealTech for training and support of Cybersoft's experienced and well educated BPO staff.

The combination of the resources within Cybersoft, along with the continuing support of CentRealTech as their title industry expert, will allow Cybersoft to provide more than just a very capable solution to the title industry; it will allow Cybersoft to far exceed their customers' expectations. "We have found that the One Click System is very easy to use and its feature set is so robust that processing title products quickly and effectively has become second nature for our staff," said Dan Guerrero, President and CEO of Cybersoft. "The wealth of experience that CentRealTech has brought to the process, along with its excellent training and support has certainly been a huge benefit to Cybersoft - one that we will continue to take advantage of as part of our Best Shore Methodology."

CentRealTech's One Click System is the only single seat, automated offering for the Title Production Process, that is available today as a Software as a Service application, accessed using any web browser. The application makes it easy for the user to automatically retrieve pertinent documents, maps, and assessment information within minutes. Search files may be submitted individually or in large batches, and every file is "simultaneously" processed, rather than sequentially. With the One Click System, the user can generate title products in a matter of minutes that are ready for final review by the appropriate title company personnel.

"We are very proud that Cybersoft has selected our system as their technology solution for their Title Industry offering. Cybersoft is a world class organization and a leading BPO provider," said Robert Matanane, President and CEO of CentRealTech. "We were very impressed by the depth of experience their staff commands and how quickly they captured the base of knowledge required to quickly and accurately process title transactions using our system. The title production process requires a very unique skill set and level of experience - Cybersoft's staff has what it takes."

Cybersoft has been providing their outsourcing expertise for over 20 years utilizing evolving technologies and human resources that specialize in assuming complex processes and tasks for customers. Cybersoft has more than one thousand full time college educated, English speaking employees. Cybersoft has supplemented their highly motivated pool of talent with a CentRealTech technology and consulting relationship to ensure that a Best Shore solution is provided to their new Title Insurance Industry customers.

About Cybersoft, Inc.

Cybersoft, Inc. is a Business Process Outsourcing company that utilizes Best Shore Methodology to provide services to many strategic industries, including Title Insurance, Legal, Health Care, Property Insurance, and others. Cybersoft leverages their key resources to provide appropriate solutions to their customers that maximize cost savings, deliver excellent services and products, and ensure overall best performance. Cybersoft is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco, CA with operations in Manila and Beijing that specializes in providing Best Shore Services - not just offshore services.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Advantage Title Launches While Also Unveiling Industry-Best Online Resource for Title Insurance and Escrow Services

New Title Insurance Company, Employing Title365™, Delivers Industry-Changing Combination of Centralized Product Fulfillment, Faster Turnaround of Title, Escrow, and Default Services, and Tomorrow’s Technology Today

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Founded by a group of leading settlement service veterans and technology innovators, Advantage Title, the most technologically advanced nationwide provider of title insurance, settlement, and default services, has brought to market Title365, a highly integrated and extremely user-friendly online transaction management tool for real estate related services. Operating as an underwritten title agent, Advantage Title employs a refreshingly efficient centralized processing and fulfillment model that stands in stark contrast to the technology-stagnant, paper-intensive systems and time-intensive, manual services commonplace to large, decentralized competitors.

Residential real estate brokers, mortgage and financial institutions, asset managers and commercial and independent escrows can obtain nationwide traditional title insurance, escrow and closing services, and default services from Advantage Title which currently has corporate operations in Southern California. Title insurance policies from Advantage Title are underwritten by Stewart Title Guaranty Company and First American Title Insurance Company, two of the country’s largest underwriters.

"In my mind, Advantage Title is simply the best in the business. None of our competitors can match the kind of value proposition, seasoned company management, and centralized, customer-centric service approach delivered by our organization,” said Michael Tafoya, CEO for Advantage Title. “Customers old and new are already taking notice; not only because we’ve amassed an enviable team of the industry’s most knowledgeable and reliable professionals, but also because they recognize the superiority of Title365 and how it truly changes the whole delivery and communication process of real estate-related settlement services online. In short, we’re leaving the competition with a lot of catching up to do.”

Launched March 3, 2009 at, Title365 from Advantage Title delivers the ultimate in web-centric transaction management to effectively facilitate the ordering of real estate-related services. From instantly opening orders, to obtaining documents, loan transaction history, real-time status reports and impressively thorough sales comparables, to utilizing time-saving communication tools and industry-best mapping technologies, Title365 provides an unparalleled level of online convenience, intuitive functionality and solid security for title, escrow and default services.

The technologists behind Title365 introduced the transaction management standard several years ago by which all others were judged. Today, with the launch of their significantly improved creation, Title365, the Advantage Title team has strategically reanalyzed the ever-changing procurement and management processes critical to leading real estate and lending professionals and implemented an exciting offering that employs the very latest technology, functionality and site usability features.

Streamlined Transaction Process and Online Document Availability

Title365 enables users to be the beneficiaries of communication and delivery enhancements, such as the ability to obtain orders in real time, which provides customers with the optimized capacity to receive actual order numbers online instantly and via email as soon as they are generated so that seamless administration of the transaction can immediately begin. Unlike other solutions brought to market, Title365 is integrated into the backend production system of Advantage Title which eliminates any double data entry and gives customers a view into the transaction while eliminating errors. A critical component underscoring client service and operational efficiency, Title365 matches the workflow of customers to allow multiple participants within the transaction the ability to view all transactions.

Unlike many online offerings, Title365 enables users to enter information directly into the system and provides the ability to immediately obtain service-related documents online, empowering customers to quickly secure available documents as soon as they are completed. The reduction in the transfer of paper results in a more eco-friendly, timely, and cost-effective alternative in an industry known for being paper-intensive.

Beneficial Features and Tools

With just a click of a mouse, visitors will have access to Title365’s clean interface, created to simplify adoption by users. Each Title365 user has a unique, customizable Title365 Dashboard, containing a list of recent transactions, recently viewed properties, quick links to major features of the site, and industry news, which are among a wide array of benefits-delivering features available to keep users informed. Boasting a more intuitive experience than other offerings, Title365 provides quicker access to recently viewed properties, searches, and transactions and affords users the opportunity to link directly to the new order process while conducting property research, thus saving time, raising efficiency and ensuring a truly easy-to-use experience.

Having access to up-to-date, complete property research data is critical to starting a new transaction for real estate industry professionals and empowers all parties with the information needed for internal efficiencies. Powerful property research tools abound within Title365 that harness the most accurate and thorough data available. Extensive property details, including characteristics, ownership, complete sale and loan history as well as tax and assessment information, are instantly available. Also, highly advantageous to customers, expansive property summaries, detailed sales comparables and extensive market analysis can be obtained instantly online within Title365, ideal for lenders, listing agents, real estate professionals and consumers looking for a more complete financial picture. Parcel maps and recorded document images can be obtained via both standard and advanced search parameters.

Advantage Title is also providing Title365 customers with integrated data from relevant, third-party web destinations visited most often by professionals and consumers alike, such as Zillow®. The site also boasts powerful tools and aerial imagery integration for a more complete, realistic view of the issues and dynamics relating to a neighborhood or region where a transaction property is located. This high-resolution visual content has been married with detailed property research ideal for presentations, property showcasing and supplementation of plat maps and paper-based property data so that users can accurately establish the correct property for which to open an order. Mortgage professionals can instantaneously determine property value and parcel shape data for realistic, accurate valuation.

A sophisticated communication mechanism provides the customer with a single point of entry to view all transactions currently in the pipeline as well as the ability to create a paperless file on each transaction. What’s more, Title365 will soon deliver an optional consumer view into the transaction, solving the issue of clients wanting to be informed as to the status of their transaction while also eliminating status calls to all involved parties that could breed inefficiency and delay the transaction process.

The site also includes an extensive online resource of title insurance-related information, tools and industry news to assist consumers in feeling prepared and informed during the course of their real estate transaction. For more information about Title365, please visit

The founders of Advantage Title offer a combined 131 years of experience in title insurance, settlement services and technology arenas. In addition to Mr. Tafoya, the founding management team includes Peter Derbonne, president and COO; Peter Bowman, co-CIO & senior vice president, strategy & innovation and Peter Richter, co-CIO & senior vice president, software engineering. As well, the highly experienced team of Advantage Title County Managers has held senior-level executive positions with national title companies and, on average, boast three decades of expertise.

About Advantage Title

Advantage Title, using the Title365 platform, is the most technologically advanced nationwide provider of title insurance and settlement services. The company, located throughout Southern California, serves residential real estate brokers, mortgage and financial institutions, asset managers and commercial and independent escrows with traditional title insurance, escrow and national closing services, default services, and diverse technology solutions. Our unique methodologies and nimble, centralized product fulfillment model delivers superior value and faster turnaround times while measurably improving our client’s business performance. Title policies are underwritten by Stewart Title Guaranty Company and First American Title Insurance Company, two of the country’s largest underwriters.

Title365 is a registered trademark of Advantage Title, Inc. source


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Free: Real Estate & Title Insurance Trends

Distressed Owner Transactions: Common Questions

Thomas A. Glatthaar, senior vice president and senior underwriting counsel with Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, writes that for a while there it seemed like the real estate market in the New York metropolitan area was going to fly high forever, but it teetered with the economy in the early to middle parts of 2008, and then slid precipitously by the end of the summer. Now, he laments, the good times seem like long ago.

Buying More Than the Building

Paul Salvatore, a partner at Proskauer Rose, and Brian Rauch, a senior associate at the firm, write that by carefully reviewing labor and employment issues when conducting pre-purchase due diligence, a purchaser can avoid significant liabilities and costs related to the purchase of a building. By dealing with these issues before a sale is completed, they advise, a purchaser can ensure that any potential liabilities are reflected in the purchase agreement and that it is fully prepared for owning and/or managing the building.

The World of 'Green' Impacts Commercial Leasing

Peter S. Britell, a partner at Dewey & LeBoeuf, writes: The law of green buildings now clearly impacts commercial leasing, affecting pre-existing leases and new leases, and also impacting how tenants and landlords negotiate basic lease terms, remedies, and indemnities. For a new lease, the green provisions will depend on the wishes and relative bargaining power of the parties. In the case of a pre-existing lease, however, the result will depend on pre-existing lease terms, to which both landlords and tenants must devote serious attention.

Parsing the New Vapor Intrusion Tenant Notification Law

Adam M. Meek and Robert G. Koen, partners at DLA Piper US, write that although the concept of the new law requiring landlords to provide their tenants complete disclosure of data regarding vapor intrusion conditions is a good one, the Department of Environmental Conservation has to date offered no formal interpretive guidance on the applicability of the law or how it will be enforced, and there are numerous undefined terms and ambiguous provisions in the statute that have created confusion and challenges for the regulated community members and their advisors. source